Commercial Building Project in Curdridge

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Commercial Building Project in Curdridge

We are currently busy on a number of building sites and thought we would share some pictures of a project we are working on for a commercial client in Curdridge, Hampshire. The developer has essentially rebuilt the 6 bedroom property, and Wren Building Contractors Ltd are in the process of completing a groundworks package and a carpentry package for them.

The groundworks package includes 1250 sq m of groundworks and landscaping, mesh deer fencing, top soil, turfing with rowlands, medallion turf, and a large paving area.

The carpentry package includes 310 sq m of oak flooring, 150 sq m of cladding as well as 2nd and final fix on all interior woodwork.

The project is ongoing but with a tight deadline as the prospective owners will be looking to move into their impressive new home soon. See how it is developing in the images below.