Storm Damaged Roof Repair

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Roof Repair in Hampshire - Featured Image | Wren Building Contractors Ltd.

June 2014 was a month full of turbulent weather, resulting in hundreds of damaged properties. A damaged roof can result in serious structural problems and water damage to any possessions stored in the attic so it is imperative that it is repaired by professionals as soon as possible. Plastic sheeting will only work for so long as a temporary fix.

Wren Building Contractors Ltd. was asked to repair a severely storm damaged roof on an old heritage 1850’s property in Oxfordshire. We sent our specialist carpentry team to the property as the nature of the building requires us to use traditional methods to repair the damage in the roof.

The roof was so extensively damaged that we had to completely remove the old slated roof from the out-building and built a new one for the historic property. This new roof was hand-cut using similar methods to how the original one¬†was created. Once it was slated and finished, the resulting product was a brand new roof, keeping in-line with the rest of the design and structure of this 1850’s out-building.

See photographs of this project below, and if you are looking for a quote on roof repair please call 01489 690070 or use our website to contact us.